Diane Miller Mulloy

Strong Again, LLC President

OsteoStrong Franchise Owner and Tennessee Regional Developer

If you are asking who I am, who has committed to opening OsteoStrong franchises across Tennessee, then there is an easy answer: I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and citizen. While I now live in Nashville, I grew up in White House Tennessee, graduated from Beech High School, and then Vanderbilt University. My professional background was in government affairs and association management. I have served in various volunteer roles with my children’s schools, with Metro Nashville on environmental issues, on various boards and in my church. I was President of Milagro Biofuels from 2006 until it was purchased. I recently turned 50, and buried my mother after years of illness, witnessing first hand what happens to those who suffer from falls and weak bones.

And now I am ready to launch a new venture that combines my passion for prevention and wellness with my desire to help make our aching and aging population Strong Again. I am committed to use my time, talent and treasure to grow OsteoStrong in Tennessee so I can help others, of any age, naturally improve their bones, balance, pain and performance without drugs or sweat. Come visit me at any of the centers, and please help me spread the word.  

Diane is certified with the American Bone Health Board.

Diane Mulloy | OsteoStrong
“I love OsteoStrong because it works!!! It’s state of the art yet uses our God given natural trigger responses to repair and regenerate our skeletal muscular system — letting us all be as strong as possible for as long as possible! Our aging parents, our overworked athletes, our friends and family. The people who we love so much.”

Nashville Certified Session Coaches

Carolyn Abbey

"I love OsteoStrong because it is a 10 minute once a week session that increases bone density, balance and strength"

- Carolyn Abbey, R.N., Belle Meade

Eleanor Nahley, R.N.

"I love OsteoStrong because it’s a quick and inexpensive way to improve your overall health!"

- Eleanor Nahley, R.N., Belle Meade

Faye Meluch, R. N.

"We all lead such busy lives, that a ten minute, once a week session is such a doable time commitment to reap such amazing results; increased strength and  bone density, better balance, joint and back pain relief, etc.!”

- Faye Meluch, R.N., Belle Meade

Molly Morphett.png

"I'm standing taller, the old nagging running pains in my back are gone and I can't wait to see how it's  reversing the effects of my Osteopenia! Yes, I  love OsteoStrong."

- Molly Morphett, Green Hills

Michelle Evans.png

"I love OsteoStrong because it gives me the opportunity to help people live healthier and stronger lives!"

- Michelle Evans, Green Hills

Cindy Lassing.png

“I had spinal Stenosis that made my arm numb and after doing OsteoStrong it has improved dramatically!”

- Cindy Lassing, Green Hills

“Finding out that I can improve my bones makes me feel hopeful! What a great business you have. I am very impressed.”
— Judith 53