About OsteoStrong

A revolutionary patented concept that delivers a natural, simple, and effective solution with proven results to increase your complete muscular and skeletal strength, balance, and agility.

This is not a gym, drug, or diet. Just 7-10 minutes, once a week, and you won’t even break a sweat. It works for people of all ages and fitness levels, and you will leave feeling energized.

Fracture Prevention and Anti-Aging

  • Improve balance and agility quickly to prevent falls

  • Reverse or prevent bone loss to prevent fractures

  • Increased strength and vitality so you can live life to its fullest

Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention

  • Strong Bones and Muscles are the core necessity to playing sports

  • Improve your balance, agility and speed after just a few sessions

  • Proven results include playing better golf, tennis, team sports, running

  • Decreasing injury occurrence at all ages

Natural Pain Relief

  • Drug-free, patented, safe system triggers neurological responses for maximum results

  • Get back in the game of life and sports faster...speed up rehabilitation from sports and accident injuries

  • Customized to your physical ability and your comfort level with progress tracking and performance reports

Technology and Safety

  • One 10 minute session once a week will leave you feeling energized and refreshed

  • You won't even break a sweat...no need for gym clothes; come dressed as you are

  • You won't have muscle soreness or fatigue afterwards

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“What kills most of us isn’t cancer or heart disease, it is frailty. It’s not being strong enough to maintain our own body weight. When you keep your muscle mass strong you also keep your bone mass strong (and vice versus).”
— Dr. Oz, Today Show (Jan 2018)