OsteoStrong: How It Works

OsteoStrong Strength Gain

OsteoStrong is a new, natural way for Strong Bones, Better Balance, Stronger Muscles and Pain-Free Joints and Back.

Natural Adaptive Responses

A scientific discovery decades ago established that every human mind has Natural Adaptive Responses that can tell the body to grow bone strength and muscle strength on its own at virtually any age. This happens easily, and in ways you never imagined possible.

Just like when your pupils expand to let in more light when a room is dark or your skin sweats when it gets hot, your body has its own built-in adaptive responses.

Figuring out how to create the right set of circumstances to “turn the switch on” has always been a challenge…Until now.

OsteoStrong provides the scientific way that can “turn the switch on” to your adaptive responses to increase bone and muscle strength as well as a reliable, balanced body. OsteoStrong is the natural solution that delivers results that are measurable.

How OS Increases Bone Health

At OsteoStrong, we provide a system that safely enables you to place a very brief but adequate pressure on your muscularskeletal system. The moment your body senses the right amount of stimulus, it can respond by actually growing new bone and muscle tissue naturally, just like you did when you were a adolescent.

“Wolff’s Law” – a biological law that was discovered by German surgeon, Dr, Julius Wolff – has been studied for decades and teaches us that bones will increase in strength when they experience the right amount of pressure.

People using our system who have had bone DEXA scans within 12 months have shown a 4 to 12% increase in bone density without the aid of medication.

Lynn H. in Houston, Texas has been using the OsteoStrong system for 6 months. After 6 months, her bone DEXA scan showed a 10.7% increase in bone density over her previous year’s DEXA scan. Lynn has never and will not take any bone medication.

Our studies indicate that a one 7-10 minute session a week is all it takes to deliver measurable results. Coming for more frequent sessions has not shown to improve or accelerate an individual’s response. The benefits of a single session continue on for an entire week.

How OS Increases Muscle Strength

Now that we understand how the human bodycan increase bone density without medication, let’s talk about muscle strength. It only comes from hours effort, week after week in the gym, right?

OsteoStrong Nashville

At OsteoStrong there’s a more scientific way to achieving increased muscle strength, and it delivers positive results for virtually everyone who uses the OsteoStrong system. Improvements in strength have been experienced by thousands of people of all ages. Best of all, results are generally achieved quickly and without soreness or fatigue.

View a very basic view of a muscle cell to your right of this page.

These are Myofibrils also know as muscle fibers. The most significant strength of a muscle comes from the muscle fibers. The human body makes muscle fibers easily when we are young and growing, but that generally stops for most of us at about the age of 18.

This part is a fluid called sarcoplasm. If you ever lifted weights at a gym, you may have felt your muscles pump-up right afterwards.

The reason is that when we lift weights, we actually cause small tears and damage to the muscle fibers. This is why you feel sore days afterwards.

As a defense mechanism to this inflammation, the brain responds by creating sarcoplasm or fluid to the muscle cells to help create a cushion that protects them from more tearing as we cope with the pain and soreness associated with days of recovery.

At OsteoStrong you can expect to get stronger muscles, without soreness, NOT bigger muscles

We understand what Scientists have known for decades, that if muscles achieve their maximum limit or threshold, if only for a brief moment, the body will have a natural adaptive response that will “turn a switch on” to signal the body to add new muscle fibers.

This is the same training principle that the Romanian athletes used in the 70’s that helped them win gold medals in the Olympics.


For everyone else, achieving a maximum threshold safely has always been the challenge, until OsteoStrong.

The unique system at OsteoStrong helps people of all ages safely reach this limit without causing pain, muscle soreness, or fatigue. In the gym you do different exercises, at OsteoStrong you do what we call “trigger events” that are designed to deliver the precise circumstance that can activate these natural adaptive responses.

During a visit to OsteoStrong members will perform four specialized “trigger events” on our patented equipment, monitored by a trained technician to deliver the precise stimulus needed to activate the human body’s natural adaptive responses.

For each of these trigger events, you are in complete control as the systemgathers data and analyzes the results to deliver a personalized session performance report.

Your objective is to push or pull as hard as you comfortably can for each of the four stages of your session. Unlike working out with weights or machines at the gym, you are not trying to fatigue and tear your muscles.

Simply put, your objective is to reach your personal maximum limit for just a brief moment. Because each trigger event only takes a few seconds to perform, you will not even break a sweat. In fact, your entire session is less than 10 minutes, and you are in complete control of your entire session.

When your body senses you have met your threshold, your own adaptive responses will react by signaling to your body to add new bone and muscle tissue. These adaptive responses are perfectly natural, and the results are very real and measurable.

You will receive your personalized performance report immediately after each session where you can review your improvements in each of area of your session.

Once you have completed your session, your body can now do the rest of the work for you. Our internal studies have shown that coming in more frequently than once a week will not improve or accelerate your results.

OsteoStrong is the natural solution that works.


OsteoStrong Athletic Performance Combine Results

OsteoStrong is a proven non-pharmaceutical option to promote healthy joints, strong bones, muscle strength, and better balance. Naturally.

Most are surprised when they first hear about the results people are having at OsteoStrong or experience these results for themselves.

There seems to be no age boundaries or physical limitations that prevent people from benefitting from the patented system used at OsteoStrong. Noticeable physical improvements and reduced joint or back pain are often reported by most members after just 2 to 12 sessions.

Members getting Bone Density DEXA scans are seeing substantial increases in bone density.

Experts Endorse OsteoStrong’s bioDensity™ Program

"OsteoStrong’s “bioDensity™ machine is a very effective modality for improving endurance, strength, and bone mass. It’s a fast and efficient way of improving muscle and bone strength. It also provides a predictable and measured change in muscle and bone mass. Functional and daily activities improve with bioDensity™ training.”

– Dr. Raj M. Singh

"Double Board Certified, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medical Director Neurospine and Rehabilitation, Barrow Neurological Associates “NASM recognizes that OsteoStrong® (“bioDensity”) training represents a new, leading-edge approach to increase strength and bone density gains for the aging, sports performance and de-conditioned markets. We are committed to working with Performance Health Systems to manage the evidence-based research process through accredited research institutions; both in the sports science and medical communities.”

– Dr. Michael Clark