Introducing our New Logo

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A New Logo that Depicts Our Mission

It is a myth that OsteoStrong is only for older women with bone loss or osteoporosis, although those clients get incredible results. Our new logo depicts our muscle fibers and skeletal system as the center of our strength whether you are an athlete, suffer from joint or back pain, are fighting bone loss or type 2 diabetes, or just want a quick and effective weight bearing program. Everyone needs weight bearing and only our system can allow you to reach the multiples of body weight needed to trigger a true adaptive response.

Everyone has a skeletal system which, along with the central nervous system, helps regulate your muscle strength potential. At OsteoStrong we help you break the limits age and injury are trying to put on you.


The ultimate BioHack for all ages

What is a biohack? Healthline defines it as "making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to make small improvements in your health and well-being." Techopedia defines it as " the application of IT hacks to biological systems – most prominently, the human body ." But Dave Asprey, PHD Biologist and leading biohacker says it

"is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control over your own biology. It’s what you put in your mouth, it’s the air you breathe, it’s the light you’re exposed to. Most people have twice as much energy potential, but they’re doing hundreds of small things that hold them back.”

Asprey loves what we do at Osteostrong including osteogenic loading, vibration plates and PEMF grounding mats and he refers to Osteostrong as the "Ultimate Biohack" because we trigger an adaptive biological response so the body can begin to heal itself. So our new tagline includes this great compliment from one of the great biohackers of our time.

We have a New Look but Same Great Staff

Our Belle Meade Staff of Carolyn, Faye, and Eleanor are all RNs and have over 4 years of experience as Certified Session Coaches. Diane is an American Bone Health certified Peer Educator with 5 years of experience at Osteostrong. Amy joined our staff almost 2 years ago.

Our Green Hills Staff of Molly, Michelle and Cindy has also had over 4 years of experience. All are health enthusiasts.

Both teams are committed to our mission to help you improve your muscular skeletal health each week.

Our Goal is to help you be a strong Mom, a Strong spouse, be able to Lift your grandchildren up Strong and Work Strong without back pain and posture issues.

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